Suzuki GS1000G


This beautiful original Suzuki GS1000G with cardan has just arrived.
This GS1000G is a very neat motorcycle in the original color scheme (1st paint) and equipped with the original exhaust system. The previous owner bought the GS in 2013 and to date only 3640 km have been safely driven. A small summary of the maintenance carried out by the previous owner: In 2014, the front and rear tires and the brake fluid replaced. In 2016, replace engine oil with filter, card oil and spark plugs with rubber caps. Replaced behind the shock absorbers in 2018, the original saddle upholstered decorative strip has yet to be applied. In 2019 clutch plates, replace engine oil with filter. The inlet rubbers of the carburetors have also been replaced with new ones. The GS1000G runs great, brakes very well and shifts like a GS1000 with chain and sprockets, so smoothly. Measured compression of the engine is 9.

Are you looking for a beautiful, original classic that is known for its reliability, power and performance? Then this GS1000G with cardan is a great purchase. You can start riding the GS1000G immediately and it is certainly a good investment. This Suzuki will only increase in value due to its original condition.

Interested? Please contact us for the price and to make an appointment to come and see the Suzuki GS1000G. To see more detailled pictures, click on the picture below...